on 13-14.11. 2019

Unsettling Rituals

 with CA Conrad

Time: from 10 - 16h

Theory Room 1, 4th floor, BC Building, Sandberg Instituut

How do you form rituals for an unsettled life? CA Conrad will faciliate ritualistic processes to unlock, unlearn and generate energy for your practice through sharing personal stories and histories.

Sign up at unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl.

Poet CA Conrad grew up in Pennsylvania, where they helped to support their single mother
during Conrad's difficult youth. Influenced by Eileen Myles, Audre Lorde, Alice Notley, and
Emily Dickinson, Conrad writes poems in which stark images of sex, violence, and defiance build a bridge between fable and confession. In a 2010 interview with Luke Degnan for BOMB Magazine’s BOMBlog, Conrad discussed their approach to poetry, which focuses on process and on engaging the permeability of the border between self and other. “Ultimately, I want my (Soma)tic poetry and poetics to help us realize at least two things.
That everything around us has a creative viability with the potential to spur new thinking
and imaginative output and that the most necessary ingredient to bringing the sustainable,
humane changes we need and want for our world requires creativity in all lives, every
single day.” In a 2010 review of The Book of Frank for Jacket Magazine, poet Eileen Myles
observes, “In Conrad’s world the parameters are deliberately unknowable because that is
the nature of our time. In piecing together, configuring and releasing [their] extreme
miniatures—agonized fables, poems about America. CAConrad includes us all in the
enormous outside of [their] heart. Which is the world in all its possibility.”

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