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every thursday

unsettling reading-group

Time: from 17:00 to 19:00

For more information or to join the unsettling reading group mailing list, please email: unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl


    From the start of the second semester, the unsettling reading group will meet every week to work more intensively through a collectively assembled constellation of questions, topics and texts. The idea of "reading" here is approached very broadly and the formats for the group's meetings can include walks, talks, screenings, cooking and more. Group members are encouraged to propose ideas and to lead sessions, while guest moderators will also visit occasionally to introduce other voices and perspectives. 

the second thursday of the month at lunch time

unsettling hangry hour

Time: from 13:00 to 14:00


    This is the space and time to vent! Created in response to important conversations with students and staff, the unsettling hangry hour invites you to bring your lunch and share concerns around issues of inclusivity or access in need of addressing. Hangry hours are conducted in a spirit of confidentiality and critical optimism in the sense that what is shared is kept anonymous unless otherwise agreed, and active steps are identified in response to what is shared.
    The unsettling hangry hour will take place at lunch time on the second Thursday of every month at the unsettling station in the Rietveld Library. And if you have any further questions, or would like to share a concern or experience in a less in-person way, please email: unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl

let’s set a date!

unsettling drop-in

To make a date with the unsettling team, please email: unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl

    The unsettling team is excited to continue visiting each department of Rietveld and Sandberg to share more about the unsettling program and to hear from students and staff about their experiences, ideas, frustrations and desires for the future of their departments. Interesting questions to address could be:
- Who are “we” as a department?
- How can we create a safe space to work and think together?
- What perspectives, content and input are missing from our learning context?
- How can we support each other better in collaborative projects and collective processes? 



archive :

30.3.2023 + 6.4.2023

Infinite Transitions  
by Lyuba Matyunina

  To Tell You The Truth

Time: 17:00 — 20:00

Location: unsettling bar

email to sign-up:

Series of lectures, discussions, talks and interaction inspired by folklore, archetypes, mythology and symbols. The concept of this series is based on the often-occurring theme in folk tales of the hero's quest. As an artist Lyuba Matyunina is interested in how traditional mythology lives in our contemporary culture, adapts itself and is appropriated in different media. How mythologies of the past continue to affect our unconsciousness and self-perception.

During two sessions, together with Lyubov, participants will be invited to play an archetypical game and go deeper into power of archetypes and historical background as well as starting open discussion on the topic of identity. Talk about core values based on our family and ancestors. How the place shapes our personality? Control and fluidity. Androgynes in Tarot archetypes. Balance and middle way.


Spit City Playthrough  
by Elio Carranza

  To Tell You The Truth

Time: 16:00 — 20:00

Location: Rietveld Library

email to sign-up:

Spit City is a Pen&Paper Role Play Game that invites players to world a geography and their own in-game identity collectively and collaboratively. The intention with Spit City is to host an experience of worlding other-than-human identities and role-playing these, their relationships and environment. The ruleset is body-positive and is inclusive of queer trans*feminist and crip perspectives.


Make Friends Not Art
by Fiep van Bodegom

  To Tell You The Truth

Time: 17:00 — 20:00

Location: unsettling bar

email to sign-up:

A reading session and conversation on friendship and collaboration on the basis of Marc Fischer's text 'Against Competition'

is a writer, translator and critic based in Amsterdam. She is editor at Extra Extra Magazine. She published reviews, interviews, essays and science fiction.


Reworking Gossip Culture
by Nisala Sathyajith Saheed

  To Tell You The Truth

Time: 17:00 — 19:00

Location: unsettlingbar

email to sign-up:

Most of us have had contact or engaged in gossip at some moment in our lives. Historically, this behavior has been a valuable tool in determining who belongs and what rules we follow as a network, social group, or even as a society. What does this mean for our current intersectional spaces? How do we acknowledge the power of gossip in the midst of our political movements? Who do we include? What rules do we make for each other? Should we make any rules at all?

Nisala is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist from Kandy, Sri Lanka. They’re deeply motivated by their queer and south asian ancestry and focus their art on healing and preservation of heritage. They have a background in sociology and visual art and often work to bridge gaps between academia, community engagement, and queer BIPOC political mobility.


Eco-Sensual Writing Workshop  by Jori(k) Amit

  LGBTQIA+ Month

Time: 17:00

Location: Theory Room 1
                BC Building

email to sign-up:

How can the stories we tell bring us into greater intimacy with the ecosystems we inhabit? In this short workshop, we will explore eco-sensual writing and see how this mental space can invite us to imagine ways to playfully disrupt the capitalist and patriarchal domination that characterizes most landscapes nowadays. A joint writing session will follow a short reading of eco-sensual texts and poems. Participants are invited to bring something tangible from the more-than-human world that speaks to them.

Jori(k) Amit Galama (1992) moves between literature, fine arts, and documentary film. After studying philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, and Image and Language at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, they were selected for the Slow Writing Lab. In 2021 they finished their master's in Artistic Research in and through Cinema at the Netherlands Film Academy (with distinction). Their fiction stories and art criticism have been published in De Revisor, Kluger Hans, Tirade, Tubelight, and Metropolis M, as well as in various artists' publications. In 2022 they won the jury prize from the Flemish-Dutch erotic writing competition Het Rode Oor.

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