upcoming events:

on thursdays starting 10.01.19

unsettling reading-group

Time: from 17:00 to 19:00

For more information or to join the unsettling reading group mailing list, please email: unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl


    From the start of the second semester, the unsettling reading group will meet every week to work more intensively through a collectively assembled constellation of questions, topics and texts. The idea of "reading" here is approached very broadly and the formats for the group's meetings can include walks, talks, screenings, cooking and more. Group members are encouraged to propose ideas and to lead sessions, while guest moderators will also visit occasionally to introduce other voices and perspectives. 

on tuesday 22.01.19

unsettling round-table

For the first session on 22 January the unsettling team have reached out to a number of those community stakeholders, but if you have not been approached and would like to contribute to this process, please email: unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl

    An essential part of unsettling Rietveld Sandberg is the collective drafting of a policy for diversity and inclusivity tailored to the contexts of Rietveld and Sandberg. Policy-making is a challenging endeavour and to have many voices, stories and experiences represented within the crafting of this document, the unsettling roundtable meetings are one way of gathering stakeholders from different communities within the academy. These meetings will take place every six weeks in the second semester during which time one member of the CvB board (academy directors) will be present.

on 25.01.19 (Rietveld)

on 07.02.19 (Sandberg)

unsettling open-days

Time: from 10:00


    Drop by and visit the unsettling team during the academy Open Days! We'll be showcasing the new unsettling bibliography – a gathering of resources, books, films, sounds and texts recommended by advisors, guests and members of the unsettling reading group – which will be accessible for students and staff as tools for learning and teaching. Browse, chat, read, and share your experiences with potential future students and colleagues! 

the last thursday of the month, starting 30.01.19 at lunch time

unsettling hangry hour

Time: from 13:00 to 14:00


    This is the space and time to vent! Created in response to important conversations with students and staff, the unsettling hangry hour invites you to bring your lunch and share concerns around issues of inclusivity or access in need of addressing. Hangry hours are conducted in a spirit of confidentiality and critical optimism in the sense that what is shared is kept anonymous unless otherwise agreed, and active steps are identified in response to what is shared.
    The unsettling hangry hour will take place at lunch time on the last Thursday of every month on the second floor of the BC Building. And if you have any further questions, or would like to share a concern or experience in a less in-person way, please email: unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl

on wednesday 27.02.19

unsettling fabulations
with Studium Generale

Time: from 13:30 to 15:30

    Save the date for when unsettling teams up with Studium Generale to explore the theme of "fabulation", through which academics, artists and cultural practitioners are finding modes of redressing history's stories and speculative futures.
See more information on the Studium Generale program 'Take a Walk on the Wild Side - Fabulating Alternative Imaginaries in Art and Life' here. More details to follow on the unsettling facebook page.



events :


unsettling Voices 
with Cleaver Cunningham
and Tracian Meikle

Join us for the last unsettling event of the semester - an informal conversation around the work of Jamaican artist Cleaver Cunningham, moderated by Tracian Meikle. There will be coffee, tea and snacks.

Cleaver Cunningham paints memorial murals largely using airbrush. The portraits often include images of status objects owned or desired by the subjects of the murals. See more of Cleaver here: https://vimeo.com/99861077

Tracian Meikle (1985) is the co-founder and organizer of the Amsterdam Black Women Collective, a collective committed to creating a nurturing and safe space for black women seeking community. She is also completing a PhD at the University of Amsterdam where she looks at the socio-political work of street art in Kingston, Jamaica.

If you want to see Cleaver Cunningham at work - he is currently making a mural in collaboration with Street Art Museum Amsterdam and will be working on Tuesday 11 December from 9-14.00 (address: Street Art Museum Amsterdam, Immanuel Kanthof 1, 1064 VR, Amsterdam). For more information see: https://www.streetartmuseumamsterdam.com/

03 & 05-12-18

unsettling workshop 
with Camille Barton

In our current times, injustice is more visible than ever and it is clear that changes need to made across all levels of society. The appalling treatment of indigenous people at Standing Rock, police killings in the USA and racial bias in the UK justice system, demonstrate that we need to take action to ensure that all people are valued and treated fairly.

In this three-hour workshop, participants will explore their relationship to privilege and learn about how racism functions in Dutch and European contexts. You will leave equipped with strategies to support people of colour experiencing racism and ways to work with white people to dismantle racism in your community. The workshop is experiential, comprised of a variety of embodied exercises, discussion circles and active listening to explore this material with a compassionate and sensitive approach. We acknowledge that racism and other forms of oppression are often internalised in the body and link to strong emotions such as anger, guilt and shame. We provide a safe space to explore these emotions if they arise.
Key questions we will explore: → What privileged positions do we hold and how can we utilise our power to address injustice? → How can we support people that face oppression we have not experienced? → How does racism relate to decolonisation and positionality within the university context?

Camille Barton is an artist, researcher and the founding director of the Collective Liberation Project (CLP). CLP designs educational experiences to help people understand oppression, and how it relates to their lived experience, so they can stop behaving in ways that reproduce oppression, such as racism and sexism. This work is inspired by Camille’s ongoing research into somatics and social justice: exploring how trauma from oppression is rooted in the body and how it can be healed with movement and mindfulness. CLP has worked with clients including Quakers in Britain, Release, Sisters Uncut, The University of Sussex, SOAS, The Arts Marketing Association and Sunday Assembly London. Camille’s art practice involves dance, improvisation, ritual and Afrofuturism to weave new realities fusing art and social change. Most recently Camille directed and danced in ‘Space is the Place’, a 3 minute Afrofuturist sci-fi film produced by Channel 4 Random Acts. She is currently co – producing RE:GENERATE, a UK arts festival on the intersections of drug policy, racial justice and liberation. It takes place in London from the 2-4 November at Ugly Duck. For more information on The Collective Liberation Project and their work, visit their website.


Kemah Bob 
at Beam me up Gerrit! in Paradiso

unsettling is seriously crushing! The one and only Kemah Bob is coming to town this Wednesday night as part of unsettling Rietveld Sandberg and the Beam Me Up Gerrit program at Paradiso. More about Kemah: Kemah Bob is a stand-up comedian, writer, improviser, drag king, presenter and producer from Houston, TX. Her “stuff” centers Black cultural identity, mental health, sexuality and gender, using comedy as a tool for enlightenment and empowerment.. In addition to performing stand-up and hosting events in London and around the UK, Kemah runs The FOC IT UP Comedy Club, a monthly showcase of Femmes of Colour in comedy. If you don't know now you know!


unsettling performance workshop 
with keyon gaskin

“this is an artwork
this is for you
you are a community
you are my material
this is a prison
leave when you want”
- keyon gaskin, this is an artwork

keyon gaskin prefers not to contextualize their art with their credentials. keyon gaskin is currently an artist in residence with If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Revolution who have helped support this workshop in collaboration with SNDO–School for New Dance Development.

14 & 21-11-18

unsettling  workshop 
with Sekai Makoni

“What does it feel like to be heard? To be listened to?”
These questions will frame two workshops for students and staff members of Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut who are interested in facilitating collective and possibly uncomfortable conversations. Guided by Sekai Makoni, the workshops will take place across two evenings and will introduce various methods of discussion facilitation, active listening and space holding skills drawn from direct education and transformative approaches. The workshops will also offer further reading and practical tools. As part of the unsettling Rietveld/Sandberg program, the workshops have been designed to help support students and staff members moderate conversations within their departments in the upcoming Days of Listening in 2019 when students and staff are invited to gather in their departments to hear from each other about their experiences, ideas, frustrations and desires for the future of their departments. These days are one way to create transparency around how decisions are made about the curriculum and an opportunity for students to give feedback and propose new ideas.

Sekai Makoni is a Black feminist researcher, trainer and podcaster. She is a graduate of University of Birmingham’s African studies BA and the London School of Economics MSc in Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial studies. She is currently on the Critical Studies program at the Sandberg where she is exploring intergenerational trauma amongst Black people in the diaspora and healing approaches through Southern African choral song. Sekai runs a podcast called Between Ourselves that centers Black women’s voices on topics such as Zimbabwean-ness in the diaspora, mixed identities in relation to Blackness and the particularities of Black motherhood. Sekai’s interests also lie in campaigning and activism. She was a part of Sisters Uncut North; a direct-action feminist group that work to counter government cuts to domestic violence services in the UK. She worked for Campaign Bootcamp as a Local Training Programme Coordinator and through NEON (the New Economy Organisers Network) she trained as an Action Learning set facilitator. She currently runs a set for women of colour organizing intersectionally. Sekai is an Associate of ALA (Action Learning Associates) through whom she has worked for institutions such as the University of Oxford and the Clore Social Leadership Programme. Recently she worked for the European Cultural Foundation at their European Cultural Challenge conference where she explored ‘Diversity and Equality in Europe’. Sekai is trained in Open Space Technology - a model that utilizes group self-organization and direct education approaches as taught by the US organization; Training for Change. She also is a graduate of Talk For Health who work to demystify therapeutic talk by helping groups authentically speak and empathically listen.

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