Artist Talk  
by Sharan Bala

  LGBTQIA+ Month

Time: 17:00

Location: Theory Stairs

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"Trying not to know is an active process of denial and forgetting, don’t forget to forget

Artist Sharan Bala engages in her work with the medical institutions that medicalized her healthy intersex body. By utilising her experience within her multi-media performative installations and sculptures she raises questions regarding power structures, the medical gaze, and the medical, political, and social diagnoses of sex. Sharan debuted as a public speaker for Queer is Not a Manifesto and works together with Marieke Schoutsen en Chris van den Brink on a documentary about Marieke en Sharan's intersex experience. Sharan was born in Amsterdam to Dutch/Indian parents, she became a model and moved to New York where her interest in art developed. In 2022 Sharan graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

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