on 20.11. 2019

Unsettling Activism

 with Camille Barton

Time: from 10:30 - 16h

Theory Room 1, 4th floor, BC Building, Sandberg Instituut

(Embodied Activism is an introduction to a body based, or somatic social justice, approach to activism and social change. In the Western context, most activism is quite disembodied and concerned with disseminating information. In contrast, many movement based practices do not engage with politics. In our current times, there is a vital need to merge these areas and bring our bodies into activism, in order to create sustainable and holistic approaches to social change. Our bodies are politicised and unless we engage with the ways that systems of domination and oppression affect our bodies, and are reproduced through them, we cannot take agency in creating new cultures based on collective liberation.

In this day long workshop, participants will explore their relationship to power and privilege, embodiment and social change. The workshop is interactive, comprised of a variety of group exercises, active listening sessions and body based practices. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of embodied activism, how it relates to their lived experience and how to apply it in their work.

* Participants should wear comfortable clothes they can move in, bring a water bottle and notebook.

Sign up now at unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl

Camille Barton is an artist, researcher and the director of the Collective Liberation Project (CLP). CLP designs educational experiences to help people understand oppression, and how it relates to their lived experience, so they can stop behaving in ways that reproduce oppression, such as racism and sexism. This work is inspired by Camille’s ongoing research into somatics and social justice: exploring how trauma from oppression is rooted in the body and how it can be healed with movement and mindfulness

on 27.11. 2019

Unsettling Dj-ing

 with DJ Lynnee Denise

Time: from 17h

Critical Studies Theory Room , 1st Floor, FEDLEV Building, Sandberg Instituut

DJ Lynnée Denise coined the term ‘DJ Scholarship’ in 2013 to explain DJ culture as a mixed-mode research practice – subversive in its ability to shape and define social experiences and shifting the public perception of the DJ as a purveyor of party music to an image of the DJ as an archivist who assesses, organizes and provides access to music with critical value. In this talk, Lynnée Denise will discuss the most influential authors and books that shapes her practice and talk about what it means to be a DJ-scholar.

Sign up at unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl

DJ Lynnée Denise is an artist, scholar and writer whose work reflects on underground cultural movements, the 1980s, migration studies, theories of escape and electronic music of the African Diaspora. Through interactive workshops, lectures and presentations, Lynnée Denise harnesses music as a medium for vital public dialogue on how to transform the way that music of the Black Atlantic is understood in its social context and beyond entertainment. Lynnée Denise’s DJ Scholarship has been featured at institutions such as the Broad Museum, the Tate Modern, Savvy Contemporary Gallery Berlin, Goldsmiths, University of London, Iziko South African Museum, Stanford, Yale, NYU and Princeton University. Her writing has been featured in the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Black Scholar Journal, The Journal of Popular Music Studies and as part of anthologies including Women Who Rock and Outside the XY: Queer Black and Brown Masculinity. Lynnée Denise has a BA from historically Black Fisk University, an MA in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from the University of California Riverside. Lynnée Denise is a Visiting Artist at Stanford University’s Institute of Diversity in the Arts.

on 12-13.12. 2019

Unsettling Comedy

 with Kemah Bob

Glass Pavillion

Workshop and performance on comedy and identity. Kemah Bob will teach you how to make yourself and others laugh while thinking through the issues of our time and your own identity. This will be followed by a closing performance on the last evening of the workshop! Close out the year with us and learn how to get others to laugh in, with and at the world we live in!

Sign up at unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl.

Kemah Bob is a stand-up comedian, writer, improviser, drag king, presenter and
producer from Houston, TX. Her “stuff” centers Black cultural identity, mental health,
sexuality and gender, using comedy as a tool for enlightenment and empowerment.. In
addition to performing stand-up and hosting events in London and around the UK, Kemah
runs The FOC IT UP Comedy Club, a monthly showcase of Femmes of Colour in comedy.

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    The unsettling team is excited to continue visiting each department of Rietveld and Sandberg to share more about the unsettling program and to hear from students and staff about their experiences, ideas, frustrations and desires for the future of their departments. Interesting questions to address could be:
- Who are “we” as a department?
- How can we create a safe space to work and think together?
- What perspectives, content and input are missing from our learning context?
- How can we support each other better in collaborative projects and collective processes?

every thursday

unsettling reading-group

Time: from 17:00 to 19:00

For more information or to join the unsettling reading group mailing list, please email: unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl


    From the start of the second semester, the unsettling reading group will meet every week to work more intensively through a collectively assembled constellation of questions, topics and texts. The idea of "reading" here is approached very broadly and the formats for the group's meetings can include walks, talks, screenings, cooking and more. Group members are encouraged to propose ideas and to lead sessions, while guest moderators will also visit occasionally to introduce other voices and perspectives. 
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For any in-person questions, suggestions, conversations, please visit the unsettling station!
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