on 23.11.2022


  Symposium / LGBTQIA+ Month

Time: 18:00 to 21:00

Location: GYM

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unsettling presents the LGBTQIA+ month program: OUTTHERE

Through artist talks, workshops and conversations, we invite you to explore and dive deeper into queer perspectives. The LGBTQIA+ month will start on November 23rd with a symposium at the GYM and will offer various workshops throughout the month from 24th of November until 15th of December.


24.11    — Public Lecture by CA Conrad
29,30.11 — Workshop by Lynnée Denise
1.12      — Workshop by Olave Basabose
7.12      — Queer Tattooing by Ella Smith
8.12      — Artist Talk by Sharan Bala
15.12    — Writing Workshop by Jorik Amit


unsettling Consultant
Judith Leysner

unsettling Coordinators
Nagaré Willemsen
Emirhan Akın
For any in-person questions, suggestions, conversations, please visit the unsettling station!
On Thursdays from 10.00AM to 17.00PM at the unsettlingbar. 

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