Reworking Gossip Culture
by Nisala Sathyajith Saheed

  To Tell You The Truth

Time: 17:00 — 19:00

Location: unsettlingbar

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Most of us have had contact or engaged in gossip at some moment in our lives. Historically, this behavior has been a valuable tool in determining who belongs and what rules we follow as a network, social group, or even as a society. What does this mean for our current intersectional spaces? How do we acknowledge the power of gossip in the midst of our political movements? Who do we include? What rules do we make for each other? Should we make any rules at all?

Nisala is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist from Kandy, Sri Lanka. They’re deeply motivated by their queer and south asian ancestry and focus their art on healing and preservation of heritage. They have a background in sociology and visual art and often work to bridge gaps between academia, community engagement, and queer BIPOC political mobility.

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