unsettling Voices 
with Cleaver Cunningham
and Tracian Meikle

Join us for the last unsettling event of the semester - an informal conversation around the work of Jamaican artist Cleaver Cunningham, moderated by Tracian Meikle. There will be coffee, tea and snacks.

Cleaver Cunningham paints memorial murals largely using airbrush. The portraits often include images of status objects owned or desired by the subjects of the murals. See more of Cleaver here: https://vimeo.com/99861077

Tracian Meikle (1985) is the co-founder and organizer of the Amsterdam Black Women Collective, a collective committed to creating a nurturing and safe space for black women seeking community. She is also completing a PhD at the University of Amsterdam where she looks at the socio-political work of street art in Kingston, Jamaica.

If you want to see Cleaver Cunningham at work - he is currently making a mural in collaboration with Street Art Museum Amsterdam and will be working on Tuesday 11 December from 9-14.00 (address: Street Art Museum Amsterdam, Immanuel Kanthof 1, 1064 VR, Amsterdam). For more information see: https://www.streetartmuseumamsterdam.com/
unsettling Consultant
Judith Leysner

unsettling Coordinators
Nagaré Willemsen
Emirhan Akın
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