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on 15-16.05.19

unsettling deprogramming

Time: from 11:30 to 16:30

As workshop capacity is limited, please confirm your participation in the two-day workshop by 13 May by email: 

Brazilian-born, Berlin-based multimedia artist Cibelle Cavalli Bastos leads a two-day workshop "Ævtar/Deprogram: scanning for malware / “a”, not “I” #debinarize" which takes a metaphorical approach to looking at ideas of human perception and under-standings of the Self. Applying this idea specifically to comput-ational systems–of accessing inner technologies and kick-starting a deprogramming process–the event will look at inner movements and their external manifestations in people, through parallels with malware and trigger mechanisms, as well as language as an OS, and “intrapolitical” concepts. “a”, not ...
    Mx. Cibelle Cavalli Bastos. Non-binary, They/Them pronouns. Artist, independent researcher and activist. Lives and works between Berlin, São Paulo and London. Graduated in 2015 from Royal College of Art, London. Released four music albums worldwide and has performed and presented work in Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid-SP), Martin Gropius Bau (Berlin-DE), ICA (London-UK), MASP (São Paulo-BR), Carnegie Hall (NY-USA), LCCA (Riga-LV), CAC Wifredo Lam (Havana-Cuba), 6th Moscow Biennale (Moscow-RU), and collaborations in the 28th /31st São Paulo Biennial (SP-Brazil), among others. Cibelle Cavalli Bastos has a conceptual, expand-ed field and interdisc-iplinary practice that includes writing, performance, sound, video, painting, sculpture, and install-ation. Currently operating daily through Instagram stories and IGTV under @aevtarperform with the project Aevtar/ Deprogram. Concerned with the challenges in perception posed by technological advance-ments, the constant repetition of violent behavioural patterns, and its consequences in identity form-ation and politics. Cavalli Bastos works with pattern recognition, linguistics, psych-ology and cognition in search for the core structures that uphold violence, oppressive systems, and disable empathy. Through art/life practice as research, method and output, strategies are put in place to locate and tackle these issues. Striving for sub-jective consistency, rather than formal consistency, all works occur on the intersection of purpose, occasion, and site specificity, through the develop-ment speculative fictions and scientific /psychologic experiment-ations expressed in immersive installations, performances of alter-identities, digital activism, lectures, workshops, musical and text based work, as well as indivi-dual formally resolute pieces. For more information on Cibelle's practice see: cibelle.tumblr.com; and follow @aevtarperform; @selfprojectspace; @innerbotanicals.

every thursday

unsettling reading-group

Time: from 17:00 to 19:00

For more information or to join the unsettling reading group mailing list, please email: unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl


    From the start of the second semester, the unsettling reading group will meet every week to work more intensively through a collectively assembled constellation of questions, topics and texts. The idea of "reading" here is approached very broadly and the formats for the group's meetings can include walks, talks, screenings, cooking and more. Group members are encouraged to propose ideas and to lead sessions, while guest moderators will also visit occasionally to introduce other voices and perspectives. 

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unsettling drop-in

To make a date with the unsettling team, please email: unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl

    The unsettling team is excited to continue visiting each department of Rietveld and Sandberg to share more about the unsettling program and to hear from students and staff about their experiences, ideas, frustrations and desires for the future of their departments. Interesting questions to address could be:
- Who are “we” as a department?
- How can we create a safe space to work and think together?
- What perspectives, content and input are missing from our learning context?
- How can we support each other better in collaborative projects and collective processes?


“Difference Engines” Workshop with Richard John Jones and the TXT Werkplaats
unsettling Consultant
Judith Leysner

unsettling Graphic Design
Manon Bachelier
For any in-person questions, suggestions, conversations, please visit the unsettling station!
On Thursdays from 10.00AM to 17.00PM at the Rietveld Bibliotheek, FedLev building!

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