on 09+16.04.2020

How can we process grief, loss and uncertainty in times of Corona
+ Embodied Self regulation tools as mutual care

 with Camille Barton

Time: 15:00 to 17:00

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* 9th of April :
How we can process grief, loss and uncertainty in times of Corona.

    Fear, as philosopher José Gil once said, “shrinks space, suspends time, paralyses the body, limiting the universe to a tiny bubble, which imprisons and confuses us.”
    Anxiety, loss and uncertainty are being collectively experienced during this time of the Corona pandemic and it is limiting our ability to think clearly.
    How can we move past paralyzing fear into clarity and the ability to seed the futures we desire to create? How can we use this time to reflect on what is most important to us so we do not simply distract ourselves over the coming weeks, praying for a return to business as usual?
    One answer lies in the need to grieve. To name and allow ourselves to feel the many losses that are being experienced in our time. The loss of life as we knew it, environmental collapse and the ongoing inequalities that are heightened in this moment at home and abroad.

    In this session, we will explore the way that death phobia in the West has led to an inability to process loss. We will highlight some indigenous approaches to grieving that can support us to tend to our grief, so we can metabolize it, find meaning and clarity about what we wish to grow.

    Optional podcast to listen to in advance: https://brenebrown.com/podcast/david-kessler-and-brene-on-grief-and-finding-meaning/

* 16th of April:
Embodied Self regulation tools as mutual care

    When the body is stressed the nervous system goes into fight or flight response. When we are in this state, it is difficult to think clearly, take care of ourselves or others. We tend to be reactive rather than responsive.
    During the Corona pandemic, the inequality of capitalism is being laid clear for all to see. Thankfully, many mutual care networks are emerging in different locations allowing people to support each other.

    In this session, we will explore a variety of embodied self regulation tools to use when you are feeling anxious or in fight or flight response. Consciously regulating your nervous system in times of stress, will allow you to have more capacity to think clearly and support others from a place of groundedness. Operating from groundedness will enable mutual care networks to be sustainable in this time.
    Yuval Noah Harari sums up as: “In this time of crisis, we face two particularly important choices. The first is between totalitarian surveillance and citizen empowerment. The second is between nationalist isolation and global solidarity.”

Camille Barton is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, facilitator, coach and somatic movement practitioner, working on the intersections of wellness, arts, drug policy and social change. Camille is the director of the Collective Liberation Project, and creator of the Embodied Solidarity Method, a trauma informed approach to diversity, inclusion and decolonization work that centers the body and lived experience.

Camille’s art practice involves dance, improvisation, ritual and Afrofuturism to weave new realities fusing pleasure and visions of utopia. They serve ritual bass music as DJ AfroOankali and host a regular dance ritual called WERK at Karada House, Berlin.

on 23.04.2020

I will rest during the revolution

 with Olave Basabose

Time: 15:00 to 17:00

Email unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl for more information and to join!

Olave Nduwanje invites you to a participatory session on the revolutionary power of rest.

Olave is a non-binary trans femme, born in Burundi, raised in The Netherlands, working in Brussels, and loving on Mark Zuckerberg’s internet.

on 30.04.2020

The teachings of this moment: reflections on learning and solidarity through this crisis

 with Ayesha Ghanchi-Goemans

Time: 15:00 to 17:00

Email unsettling@rietveldacademie.nl for more information and to join!

    The teachings of this moment: reflections on learning and solidarity through this crisis.
    What can we learn about solidarity in this specific moment?
    The pandemic has brought out the worst, but also the best in society. People are practicing solidarity in numerous ways throughout this physical distancing. How can we consider acts of solidarity as sites of learning? How can we use the specificity of this moment and its multitudes of solidarity-acts, to imagine a different and a better future?

    In this session we will explore how this health, economic and resource-based crisis is a material manifestation of power-relations, in particular, how the economically disadvantaged and working classes are doing the most to serve the rest of society.
    We should use this moment to articulate an activist dialogue that encourages solidarity across difference.

Ayesha Ghanchi-Goemans is an educator and researcher with a focus on critical pedagogy in arts practice. As a researcher, Ayesha has examined artist-led pedagogies in the museum and gallery sector in London. Her research focused on how artist pedagogies have been influenced by radical and critical philosophies stemming from the 1968 moment. More recently she has collaborated with BAK and the Side Room to teach and explore critical pedagogy. She is also part of the Unsettling programme at Rietveld/Sandberg- exploring and thinking alongside tutors about how critical pedagogy relates to their teaching practices.

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unsettling reading-group

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    Keeping on with our reading group! We are inviting an amazing group of artists, activists and creatives to host sessions focusing on different topics that are suited for the times we are in.
   These include Olave Basabose, Ayesha Ghanchi-Goemans, Camille Barton, Read-In Collective, Ying Que and Maja Faber.
   They will be speaking on topics as varied as 'Learning and solidarity through this crisis' to 'How to use astrology and tarot to help us in this time'.. 


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