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Eco-Sensual Writing Workshop  
by Jori(k) Amit

  LGBTQIA+ Month

Time: 17:00

Location: Theory Room 1
                BC Building

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How can the stories we tell bring us into greater intimacy with the ecosystems we inhabit? In this short workshop, we will explore eco-sensual writing and see how this mental space can invite us to imagine ways to playfully disrupt the capitalist and patriarchal domination that characterizes most landscapes nowadays. A joint writing session will follow a short reading of eco-sensual texts and poems. Participants are invited to bring something tangible from the more-than-human world that speaks to them.

Jori(k) Amit Galama (1992) moves between literature, fine arts, and documentary film. After studying philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, and Image and Language at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, they were selected for the Slow Writing Lab. In 2021 they finished their master's in Artistic Research in and through Cinema at the Netherlands Film Academy (with distinction). Their fiction stories and art criticism have been published in De Revisor, Kluger Hans, Tirade, Tubelight, and Metropolis M, as well as in various artists' publications. In 2022 they won the jury prize from the Flemish-Dutch erotic writing competition Het Rode Oor.


Artist Talk  
by Sharan Bala

  LGBTQIA+ Month

Time: 17:00

Location: Theory Stairs

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"Trying not to know is an active process of denial and forgetting, don’t forget to forget

Artist Sharan Bala engages in her work with the medical institutions that medicalized her healthy intersex body. By utilising her experience within her multi-media performative installations and sculptures she raises questions regarding power structures, the medical gaze, and the medical, political, and social diagnoses of sex. Sharan debuted as a public speaker for Queer is Not a Manifesto and works together with Marieke Schoutsen en Chris van den Brink on a documentary about Marieke en Sharan's intersex experience. Sharan was born in Amsterdam to Dutch/Indian parents, she became a model and moved to New York where her interest in art developed. In 2022 Sharan graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and currently lives and works in Amsterdam.


w/ Ella Smith Jr.

  LGBTQIA+ Month

Time: 17:00

Location: Theory Room 1

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In this workshop, Ella will discuss their journey through the world of tattoos as a queer BPOC. The history of (queer) tattooing and its implications today will play a central role in this workshop.

Additionally, we will dive into the cultural significance of tattoos for indigenous peoples. Unlike a standard lecture, this workshop will be structured very openly, allowing interaction from attendees throughout.

From tattoo noob to ink master, all are welcome to participate.

Ella Smith Jr. is an independent tattoo artist and workshop curator/board member at Colored Qollective, a non-profit organisation centring community building among queer people of color.  


w/ Olave Nduwanje

  LGBTQIA+ Month

Time: 17:00


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Nduwanje proposes a vulnerable conversation on the uses and misuses of oppression-based trauma in the production of art.

Burundi-born Olave Nduwanje (she/her/hers) is a published author, legal scholar, educator (anti-racism, LGBTQI+ rights, anti-capitalism, disability rights, anti-ecocide, etc.), curator and facilitator. Nduwanje has provided literary contributions to the following titles: Zwart-Afro-Europese literatuur uit de Lage Landen (2018), De Goede Immigrant(2020) and Being Imposed Upon (2020). She has been based in Brussels since 2019. 


on 23.11.2022


  Symposium / LGBTQIA+ Month

Time: 18:00 to 21:00

Location: GYM

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unsettling presents the LGBTQIA+ month program: OUTTHERE

Through artist talks, workshops and conversations, we invite you to explore and dive deeper into queer perspectives. The LGBTQIA+ month will start on November 23rd with a symposium at the GYM and will offer various workshops throughout the month from 24th of November until 15th of December.


24.11    — Public Lecture by CA Conrad
29,30.11 — Workshop by Lynnée Denise
1.12      — Workshop by Olave Basabose
7.12      — Queer Tattooing by Ella Smith
8.12      — Artist Talk by Sharan Bala
15.12    — Writing Workshop by Jorik Amit


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